3rd worksession 2016


Thanks to Le Public System Cinema and Marrakech Film Festival, Europa International, the European organization for sales agents, sets up its 3rd worksession to continue the discussion engaged during the previous editions and to create a closer working relationship between two main actors in the industry, the sales agents and the festivals, key players for the career of the films.

Festivals are really important for the sales agent’s business and international strategies. They help to get films recognition providing stamp to travel and raising awareness.
During this worksession, conclusions, concrete solutions and future projects will be presented, such as the common entry form between Europa International and Cinando, the Festival Box Office, the CineConductor delivery system and a new project regarding the subtitling.

Moderated by Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Industry Director @ Tallinn Film Festival (Estonia)

Submitting a film: Common entry form
What has been done so far between Europa International members and Cinando regarding the development and implementation of the common entry form? What are the festivals involve in the project – Eventival festivals / other festivals? What are the conclusions of the first experimentation of the common entry form? What are the next steps? 

Getting info: Festivals Box Office
FBO is a tool to get systematic feedbacks on the experience of the film at the festival such as pics, public reaction, material, critics, attendance audience and buyers list, tickets box office, etc.
After two years of technical development, FBO starts contacting and collecting data from various international festivals with European film funds. Besides, FBO also developed CRM – Customer Relations Manager in order to better control and simplify complex information flow.

Sending material: CineCondutor
Eclair’s CineConductor is an innovative and highly cost effective DCP Management & Delivery via Broadband platform designed specifically for the U.S.’ Specialty Film & Event Cinema exhibition & distribution community.   
In short, think “DCPS without Hard Drives”.  No shipping; ingesting; returning physical media; as well as No Custom clearance issues.  Content is fully DCI compliant and can be offered with or without.

To date close, to one hundred of the U.S.’ most prestigious exhibitors and over three dozen leading rights holders – traditional distributors, national film boards and filmmakers themselves – have embraced CineConductor.  As many of our venues are either owned by festivals; own festivals of their own; or rent to outside festival presenters they have begun to request that CineConductor be their preferred  delivery 
The presentation will further explain why Eclair’s proposed Festival Services application for CineConductor can be of value to you and your U.S. Festival clients.

Re using material: Crowdsourcing Subtitling
CinandoST is a project aiming at studying legal and practical issues related to the use of existing subtitles of European films, and at developing an online tool, integrated to cinando.com platform, allowing the referencing and sharing of subtitles, in order to facilitate their creation and circulation. It includes partnerships with Europa International, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, TitraFilms and Under The MilkyWay, among others.

Wrap up: Conclusions and next steps

Alexis Juncosa, Head of Programming@ Luxembourg City Film Festival  (Luxembourg)
Camille Rousselet, Project Manager @ Cinando Marché de Cannes (France)

Speakers’ presentations

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