Set The Trend !

Broaden the minds means engage, provoke, insprire, and ultimately connect” Robert Redford, President and founder fo Sundance Insitute. In this spirit, “Set The Trend!” project goal is curating and nurturing the film community by exploring new digital business models that give them more value and lead to a win-win situation for all players from the chain, by offering a platform for European international sales agents and professionals to improve markets’ vision, to increase markets’ access, and to rethink and reboot films distribution due to the digital age.

Through multiple exchanges activities and strong partnership with US experts:
– Steering activity 1 on downstream pipe on distribution in Sundance festival & Art House Convergence
– Steering activity 2 on upstream pipe on production in Deauville festival
– Two-day conference on distribution in digital age with Europa Cinemas

EI project calls the EU and US industries to question themselves about international distribution in digital age: What really is on the horizon and what is the mirage? Where will the seeds that have already been planted bloom most glorious in our film evolution? What is the big picture as well as the detailed one – as the devil is in the details?

EI project aims at:
Encouraging networking and business to business exchanges betw. EU and US industries
Facilitating access to markets by developing innovative ways of distributing/releasing
Improving visibility of European projects and circulation of European films

In the land of digital, everything is constantly evolving. Distribution game have changed, potentially altering the future of consumer behaviour and content windowing. In this context, the film community needs and wants to confront to reality, to be educated about what is working and what is not, where it works, and what could be done. US is the leading market to look at in terms of innovative business models of distributing and releasing, and in terms of online distribution expansion, and EI project wants to use this US focus to give inspiration to the EU industry to develop European its own new distribution models an to set the trend.

For more info about the activities developed under « Set The Trend! »:
See on Europa International Website the following tabs:
Annual Conference
Workshops @ Art House Convergence
Workshops @ Deauville

« Set The Trend! » is a project funded by Creative Europe MEDIA programme