Industry Academy

An initiative by Locarno Festival, the Locarno Industry Academy is a training program with strong European and International dimensions, created to help young professionals extend their network in the field of international sales, marketing, distribution (including the new platforms), exhibition and programming (festival, cineclub and cinematheque).

The Industry Academy is a great experience for your junior sales during the Locarno film festival with an intensive program consisting in workshops to get a better understanding of the worldwide film industry, be actively involved in discussions on current trends and changes occurring in the entire cinema world and fully enjoy the special experience of an A festival and its industry activities.

The academy gives a unique chance to the young generation to have a better grasp of the industry world and its challenges, get connected with professionals, especially more senior ones attending the festival or/and the Industry Days and, last but not least, fully enjoy the special Locarno Festival experience (including its industry activities).

Since its first edition, the Locarno Industry Academy has grown as an intensive 6-day workshop offered to 10 participants from Switzerland, Europe, the Mediterranean, North America and Latin America where Industry Academies International have been developed with international partners.

What the Industry Academy offers to its participants:

  • Daily sessions with high-profile experienced professionals and experts including sales agents, distributors, exhibitors, heads of marketing department, festival programmers and producers;
  • View last year’s program;
  • Case study presentations and informal discussions during which participants can directly interact and exchange opinions and visions with their colleagues and the guest speakers;
  • Group sessions to encourage team work on a specific project;
  • An access to a selection of professional events, especially in the context of the Industry Days, to have a better overview of the scope of activities a market can offer and to be more intensively immerged in the most important challenges European and international key players of the film industry face;
  • A diversified film screening experience between the official festival screenings with the audience, the industry ones exclusively with professionals and the Digital Library;
  • Unique opportunities to broaden one’s range of professional contacts thanks to specific networking activities with other participants of the Summer Academy (especially the Filmmakers and Critics) as well as festival and the Industry Days attendees.

Applications are invited from young professionals who:

  • have at least one significant experience in the field of distribution, exhibition, sales, marketing or festival programming. They might have been recently hired by a company, currently doing an internship or having done at least one in the fields described here above;
  • are truly passionate about cinema as well as other art forms;
  • are good at team work, looking on each and every encounter with colleagues as a potential source of fresh opportunities in human and professional terms;
  • expect to benefit from meeting established professionals in European and world cinema industries, in view of their personal prospects for developing their careers;
  •  are ready to play a proactive role in group sessions, with pertinent, stimulating and provocative questions and contributions;
  • wish to expand their network of contacts with like-minded people that may share similar or different approaches of working in the film industry.
  • have a good working knowledge of English.

The Industry Academy also offers attendees, free of charge:

  • bed and breakfast for 7 nights at the Locarno Youth Hostel in twin-bedded accommodation ;
  • accreditation entitling participants to attend all Festival screenings, some industry activities;
  • professional documentation (such as the official catalogue and the industry Guide);
  • invitations to the Industry Happy Hours (over 3 days) as well as the Opening Industry party;
  • a closing dinner.

Calls for entries and the applications deadline for each Locarno Industry Academy International have been announced according to each partner festival’s schedule on their website and of course on Locarno Festival’s own website.

More about Locarno Industry Academy and the Industry Academies International

Valdivia – Locarno Industry Academy International
October 2017, 11th-13th / application now opened!
Regional Project Managers: Marion Klotz & Erick Gonzalez

Morelia – Locarno Industry Academy International
October 2017, 22nd-25th / application now opened!
Regional Project Manager: Sandra Gómez

São Paulo-Locarno Industry Academy International
October 2017, 25nd-29th / application now opened!
Regional Project Manager: Julia Duarte

Thessaloniki – Locarno Industry Academy International
November 2017, 6th- 7th / application closed
Regional Project Manager: Vanja Kaludjercic

NYC – Locarno Industry Academy International
March 2018 / more info soon
International Project Manager: Marion Klotz

Locarno Industry Academy
August 2018 / more info soon
International Project Manager: Marion Klotz