What’s a sales agent?

The sales agent is an important partner for filmmakers, producers and distributors, acting as an international distributor, in a lot of different ways:

  • Direct financial participation in the films (often from writing stage and early with pre-sales, co-productions)
  • Licensing the films for all releases (theatrical, VoD – transactional and subscription, TV)
  • Supervising the deals and controlling releases costs on each territory 
  • International marketing and promotion of films to foreign distributors (editorial line, teasers, posters, press releases) 
  • Special relationship with all festivals over the world
  • International vision of the markets with technical evaluation and “know-how” 
  • Follow-up with the international career of the film
  • Promotion and discovery of new talents

It is Europa International’s target to always be on the frontline of upcoming tendencies of film consumers, by collecting and sharing information about new business models, new media and new social behaviour around the world.