Eye on Films

Developed in January 2011 by Wide with the support of the European Commission (Creative Europe MEDIA Program), Eye on Films is a label and a support platform dedicated to the promotion and circulation of first and second European films

Thanks to the support from the European Commission and with our network of more than 153 film professionals (including 53 film festivals, 78 distributors and numerous exhibitors based in more than 50 countries), we guarantee the promotion, exhibition and commercialization of independent films worldwide. 

In this perspective, we provide our European and non-European distribution partners with subsidies for the release of European films which they can then cumulate with the classical theatrical distribution support from Creative Europe Program. We create Mini Markets for the industry, round tables and show cases which focuses on the Independent European Cinema and its distribution.

Within the frame of festival partners, we invite directors to meet the audience, present their films and introduce screenings, but also to participate in interviews, debates or to lead masterclasses. We also follow up the selection of their films in festivals official competitions. We invite sales agents to share their line up and join our network, supporting their sales as a booster for the independent European Cinema. We implement new digital access combining most traditional and innovative ways of releasing a film thanks to our VOD platforms partners.    

By developing specific actions with our partners on given territories, we establish new business models for the promotion, circulation and distribution of first time director’s films. Our initiative aims at increasing the exposure of independent cinema and new talents, notably through cooperation with strong magazines (ads and editorial contents in Screen International, Variety, Cineuropa, FilmNewEurope), as well as by supporting festivals/distributors that screen and release EoF titles, and by organizing our own Eye on Films events (mini-markets where we invite distribution partners, networking events and meetings with talents within the frame of festivals and markets, special EoF selections in various festivals around the world, etc.). 

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