Distribution 2.0


DISTRIBUTION 2.0 aims to create a professional network to explore new means in marketing and distribution of international feature films. It encourages distributors involved to pioneer and exchange new ideas and experiences to create circulation, visibility and awareness of independent arthouse films through social networks, viral marketing, digital distribution, day and date releases and flexible programming structures.

DISTRIBUTION 2.0 is a project of the sales agent company THE MATCH FACTORY.


Are sales agents in the right position to build up directors as brands beyond B2B exchange and in direct relation with the consumers? We will create concepts in a joint collaboration with the directors, producers, sales agents and distributors for three to four titles in 2012. And we will ask our distributors to use these concepts and shape them by their feedback.

In addition, a number of distributors and partners are directly attached to the project to add their knowledge to it. They have been selected to work on an unconventional release strategy or marketing model targeting fresh audiences. They will report back and share their results.
For the 1st edition in 2012: Strand Releasing (USA), Pandora Film (Germany), Canana (Mexico), Cinefil (Hungary), Reelport (Germany) and Joint Entertainment (Taiwan).
For the 2nd edition in 2013: Strand Releasing (USA), Canana (Mexico), Cinefil (Hungary), Alambique (PT), Contact Film (NL), Spong Enter (KOR) and Carmen Video (RU).

EUROPA INTERNATIONAL is a co beneficiary of the project DISTRIBUTION 2.0, in charge  the conference for the report and results of the project, and given at the same time the opportunity to the sales agents to meet annually and discuss all the issues regarding the digital distribution.

The combined results of these two strands of DISTRIBUTION 2.0 will be presented and discussed publicly and transparently. This project embraces the challenges of the digital environment in order to maximize the profit for independent films. Synergies and incentives will be the benefit for all parties.