Cinando Applet for Festivals Entry Forms

CINANDO APPLET for Festival Entry Form


What is it?

A fast and easy way to get accurate information about your selected films.

– free of charge
– most recent and clean data from Cinando database
– no separate software – just a technical solution
– easy to implement and use
– designed by and for sales companies and festivals
– developed by Cinando

How does it work?

  1. Sales agents complete and update film information on Cinando
  2. You create a CINANDO APPLET buton on your submission form
  3. You promote this new tool among your contacts
  4. Sales agent submits a film through the aplet on your website
  5. Your form is automatically prefilled with Cinando data
  6. Information is imported directly to your databasa

What do you need?

Option 1:An existing database & an IT person able to do a simple Java script integration

Option 2: Eventival submission form services

Who is using it?

From the sales’ side: All the rights holders submitting a film to a festival

From the festivals’ side:
– All the festivals members of Eventival and this service
– All the festivals that developed it internally such as 
Tribeca FF, Luxembourg FF, Sevilla IFF, Tallinn Black Nights

How did it start?

Thanks to Europa International roundtables on festivals to improve the relationships between sales companies and festivals and to make a better work environment.


For more info about the roundtables:
See on Europa International Website the following tabs: