After many discussions with US exhibitors during Arthouse Convergence, Europa Cinemas and Europa International, two European organizations of exhibitors and sales agents, have decided to launch a new program called TALES OF EUROPE. We want to bring films and stories of Europe to the US audience that otherwise would never travel into their towns and cities.

For our first edition, we selected 10 recent European films. Most of them have been launched over the last year in top international festivals such as Berlin, Cannes and Toronto, and with a life in diverse US festivals.

In order to offer a great view of all Europe, TALES OF EUROPE includes films from very different countries: Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, and Sweden. The program focuses on rising talents and young generation of filmmakers with half of the program being 1st and 2nd feature films. 4 out of 10 films are directed by female directors and tell the stories of strong female characters with actresses such as Catherine Deneuve, Diane Kruger, and Sandrine Bonnaire.

From music, to social issues, period drama to political and comedy, TALES OF EUROPE invites you to travel through Europe and its recent cinema!

We would like to thank our partners Art House Convergence (network of US art house cinemas) and EclairPlay (download platform connecting cinema exhibitors and content owners).

We hope that you are excited by these European films and will bring them to your cinema!

Conditions for Sales agents Venues equipped with EclairPlay