6th edition 2017

Set The Trend ! 


« Broaden the minds means engage, provoke, inspire, and ultimately connect
Robert Redford, President and founder of Sundance Institute.

In this spirit, Europa International – sales agents’ organization – conference “Set The Trend!” is curating and nurturing the film community by exploring new digital business models that give more value and lead to a win-win situation for all players from the cinematographic chain, to rethink and reboot films distribution due to the digital age. 

“Set The Trend!” calls the European and American industries to question themselves about international distribution in digital age, and especially about the promotion and marketing regarding theatrical and digital releases.

  • What are the new business models for promotion on theatrical and digital releases? What are the experimentations for marketing tools on various releasing platforms?
  • How do the sales agents position themselves, as right holders, along the classical cinematographic chain for the promotion and marketing of the films (work with distributors and producers versus work with exhibitors and VoD platforms)?
  • How to improve marketing strategies during the life of the films: during the film’s production, once the film is finished, when the film gets distributed?
  • Is it possible to have a market balance between a theatrical and digital release? Is there a need to rethink the content windowing?


  • Brian Newman, CEO @ Sub-Genre, US