Sales Agents Support

The Sales Agent scheme aims to encourage and support wider transnational distribution of European films. It also aims to encourage links between the distribution and production sectors in order to improve the market exposure of European films.

To support:

  • the distribution of non-national European films, through cinemas and other platforms, by providing funds to sales agents, based on their performance on the market, for further reinvestment in new non-national European films;
  • the development of links between the production and distribution sectors

This funding scheme works in two phases:
1. Generation of a potential fund, which is calculated on the basis of the performance of the company on the European market over the last 5 years.
2. Reinvestment of the generated funds in minimum guarantees, or advances paid for the international sales rights on eligible European non-national films, and in the associated promotion, marketing and advertising.

Deadline for generation: 18/06/2014
Deadline for reinvestment: 01/03/2016

Please contact us for
MEMO of the guidelines
UPDATE on the new scheme