Europa Showcase


Co-organized by the pan-European networks Europa International and Europa Cinemas, the pilot project “Europa Showcase” supports the circulation in the US market of European films not yet acquired by US distributors.

“Europa Showcase” aims to develop the access and visibility of EU movies on the US market, to test innovative ways of releasing EU movies in US film theatres and to encourage networking between US and EU industries.

  • A program of films

“Europa Showcase” consists of a program of EU films available to US theaters.
The program will include 10 films to be booked « à la carte” by US exhibitors, for a $300 flat booking fee for up to two screenings per film. All films of the program will be available on EclairPlay and on all digital formats, mainly DCP but as well Blu Ray.

  • A network of professionals

Europa Showcase encourages the networking and exchange of best practices between EU and US exhibitors in particular to improve skills in terms of audience development and innovative promotional activities between EU and US exhibitors and the competitiveness of venues on their own market.


  • September 2017 Submission of films per the sales companies
  • October 2017 Selection of 10 films for the program by a US expert
  • November 2017 Announcement of the films selection
  • January 2018 Launch of Europa Showcase program in the US

Europa International is the European network of sales agents providing the films.
Europa Cinemas and Art House Convergence are the respective exhibitors networks for EU and for US. The program is launched during Art House Convergence.
EclairPlay is the download platform that connects cinema exhibitors and content owners around the world, available in more than 200 venues in the US.

Europa Showcase is a project led by Europa International, with the support of Creative Europe MEDIA Programme. 



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