CoPeerRight Agency


CoPeerRight Agency which is the first international web agency fully specialized in online copyright protection.
Created in Paris in 2003, CoPeerRight Agency provides services in order to fight and take actions against unauthorized access to digital media on Internet networks.
CoPeerRight Agency’s services provide a well-balanced combination of technology and human know-how, that guarantees an outstanding success.

CoPeerRight Agency  provide services in many countries, and localize our services based on culture and languages. The services cover the main Internet sources like P2P, Newsgroup, Torrent, Direct Download and Streaming and we invest in tracking the piracy evolution.

One of the service: Promo-Protection, is an innovative protection tool that transforms antipiracy in powerful marketing tool.

This service works with “Smart decoy files” which are intelligently placed online where the real pirated files are found (Forums, Top Site, Scene Warez, P2P, Newsgroup, DDL, Streaming, etc.).

The main goals of this service are:
–      discouraging downloaders from continuing their search,
–      promoting your product while redirecting the internet users to the legal offer

CoPeerRight Agency can also help your company to manage your asset on YouTube.

Upon authorization, CoPeerRight Agency can manage conflicts on your YouTube CMS and feed the Content ID system as soon as a new pirated file is detected by our system. CoPeerRight Agency  will help you to define the policy to apply in accordance with your marketing strategy to reduce the visibility of counterfeit content on Youtube.

In order to grant to the customers the continuity and efficiency of CoPeerRight Agency work, they include the service “Protect Once Protect Forever” that means if you decide to continue to “Promo-Protect” your new releases every year with CoPeerRight Agency, we commit:
1.    to protect your titles in DDL, Streaming, Torrent and Newsgroup for free and indefinitely* ;
2.    to reduce the availability of your counterfeit content on Internet in order to increase the visibility and give advantages to your legal offer (i.e. VOD, etc..) ;
3.    to break down the business chain of the pirate teams (i.e. uploaders and pirate websites monetizing through the advertisement, remuneration of protected links, cyberlockers remuneration …).

CoPeerRight Agency is also available to offer you a test for free on one of your title.

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