The Sales Agents at the heart of the on circulation of films in digital era

The European Commission has recently published a call for proposal related to a new preparatory action « Circulation of European films in digital era ». The objective is to provide, through the experimentation, some information on the degree of complementarity between the different platforms of distribution available to European films: cinema release, VOD, DVD, and potentially television.

Europa International would like to support the European Commission to initiate a deep discussion to provide to the Members States and the professionals some potential impacts and results on important issues, notably about the « window » for VOD transmission following the date of cinema release, with the whole cinematographic chain, including sales agents, distributors, exhibitors, VOD platforms and content aggregators among others, in order to improve the conditions of circulation of European films and the audience in a digital environment.

Therefore, Europa International through the sales agents that it represents, would fully take part to the global reflection by testing new ways of circulation and distribution of European films, in order to increase the competitiveness of European companies and the global audience. Indeed, the sales agents are very proud to be at the heart of this preparatory action due to the condition of including at least two of them to set up a grouping.