The European Sales Agents get structured

Europa International, an organization of European film sales agents, has been launched on March 18. This announcement has been made as part of the public hearing at the European Commission in Brussels related to the future of the MEDIA programme.

Based in Brussels, Europa International’s board had its first meeting. The association will be represented by its president Michael Weber (Match Factory) and vice-presidents, Frederick Stege (TrustNordisk), Thorsten Schumacher (Hanway), Daniela Elstner (Doc & Film International), and its deputies, Nelleke Driessen (Fortissimo), François Yon (Films Distribution), Sasha Wieser (East West). Jean-Paul Commin is appointed as treasurer and Daphné Kapfer will be in charge of managing the organization.

The main target of the association is to represent and defend the interests of the exporters, essential players regarding the financing and distribution of European cinema.

European sales agents have decided to join forces to face the important challenges of the actual market, in particular the transition to the digital world and the emergence of new media and business models.

Thanks to its key position in relation with producers, distributors, exhibitors and festivals, Europa International intends to share its broad experience in order to prepare efficiently the future of the MEDIA programme.