Feedbacks on the 2nd EI Annual Conference in Athens

The 2nd Europa International annual conference held on last week end in Athens, in parallel of Europa Cinemas wrapped up with loads of new ideas for digital distribution and for key role of sales agents in Creative Europe.

Thanks to the US experts – Ted Hope (San Francisco Film Society), Joseph Beyer (Sundance Institute), Brian Newman (Sub-Genre), Philip Bellezza (Cinedigm), Barry Rebo (Emerging Pictures) and the EU speakers Christian Grece (EOA), Clare Binns (Picture Houses), Casper Hald (broadcaster TDC Group), a very interesting exchange of views between EU and US has been made on VoD opportunities, new ways of distribution and business models.

Besides the general conference, the sales agents took part of 3 work sessions:
–       “Distribution 2.0” (The Match Factory project), to explore new means in marketing and distribution of international feature films, through the use of social networks, viral marketing, digital distribution, day and date releases and flexible programming structures. After the first year’s experience and results Distribution 2.0 has become a real concept and a “wording” among the participants of the conference. Three new co-beneficiaries will add up their efforts to the original one’s and to The Match Factory’s to expand the art house film marketing boundaries throughout this new session.
–       “A2E” Artist to Entrepreneur (Ted Hope project), to figure out new solutions of how to monetize cinema work –  how to make money from the content and create a sustainable living – since the collapse of the traditional distribution.
–       “Licences for Europe”, to focus on the digital environment and a number of topics discussed at the European level, which might impact the international distribution, and as a consequence the sales agents’ work, dealing with cross-border access and portability of services, territoriality exclusivity and multi-territorial licensing.


New presidency and new board for Europa International

Europa International’s new board has been elected.

President:                Susan Wendt (TrustNordisk) following the work and position of Michael Weber (The Match Factory).

Vice presidents:     Nelleke Driessen (Fortissimo Films), François Yon (Films Distribution), Sasha Wieser (EastWest Filmsdistribution)

Deputies:                Jenny Walendy (The Match Factory), Jean-Christophe Simon (Films Boutique), Jan Nazsewski (New Europe Film Sales).

Treasurer:                Daniela Elstner (Doc & Film Intl)

After almost 3 years as part of the board of Europa International I am proud and glad to take on the position as President.
Europa International was founded in 2011, and it is really impressive what has been achieved within these few years regarding MEDIA, the cooperation and dialogue with Europa Distribution and Europa Cinemas and not to speak of our annual conference. This is due to a very targeted work and enthusiasm of the board lead by Michael Weber, backed by our Managing Director Daphné Kapfer.
I am looking forward to continuing that great work together with the new board and our members to strengthen our position in the International Film Business as well as exploiting new ideas and co-operations.” Susan Wendt, Trust Nordisk Head of Sales, New President of Europa International.

During its general assembly, Europa International members had the opportunity to discuss with Xavier Troussard (Head of MEDIA program) the role of the sales agents within Creative Europe and the new MEDIA programme; and with Susanne Davis (European Film Promotion) the future of the film sales support (FSS).


Distribution 2.0 – The Match Factory project

The Match Factory has successfully presented the outcome of the first session of Distribution 2.0 at the annual Europa International Conference.

The project was discussed lively among the participants, who identified in such a way with the ideas of Distribution 2.0 that the title of the project became the new term when referring to innovative film marketing strategies.

The transparency encrypted in the source code of the project paid off heavily as it enabled the attendees to learn, acquire and share ideas from successful strategies as well as debate how to improve those that failed.

The Match Factory had the opportunity to find common aspects in the new marketing trends developed by fellow players and to profit from recurrent concepts like branding, eventizing, self distribution or cinema on demand which were regarded during Europa International conference.