EI sets the trend and celebrates its 5th Birthday!

35 European sales agents attended the 5th annual conference of Europa International from the 1èth to the 20th November in Tallinn.

Europa International would like to thank the Black Nights Film Festival and PÖFF for their help and support to organize its gathering among other activities.

During this event, Europa International introduced the thoughts about a possible project called Europa Showcase in collaboration Europa Cinemas. Both organizations will work together hand by hand to apply for a grant from Creative Europe MEDIA program to help the circulation and distribution of European films in the US. This potential project is in line with EI conference and themes, an exchange of views between the US and EU regarding the developments of international distribution in digital era and the relationships between sales agents and their buyers.

Barry Rebo from Ymagis Éclair group, the official partner of Europa International, presented the US platform CineConductor, a broadband delivery system solution dedicated to sales agents to manage the servicing operations with local US venues.

Besides, Europa International celebrates its 5th birthday with a common event with Wide, celebrating also the 5th birthday of Eye on Films. This celebration was the opportunity to gather for the 1st time the industry around the sales agents.