Cinando and EI join forces to facilitate the film festival submission process

A new step in the simplification of the film submission process to festivals

In light of the recent announcement that IMDb will close Withoutabox before the end of 2019, Cinando and Europa International have joined forces to develop a tool to facilitate the festival submission process: the Cinando Applet for Festival Entry Forms.

The Cinando Applet for Festival Entry Forms is a mutual initiative to improve the relationship between sales companies and festivals with the technical development of Cinando.

Instead of offering a new submission platform for festivals, the Cinando Applet allows each festival to implement this new tool straight to their own website.
The applet will automatically prefill the submission forms for sales agents or Cinando members submitting a film, using information directly taken from their Cinando account.
This allows film submitters to considerably reduce the time they spend on this essential but tedious task of submitting films. For festivals, it also guarantees first-hand material that has been proofread and easy access to screeners.

The Cinando Applet is completely free of charge for festivals who choose to set it up on their own submission platform, as well as for users who need to submit films. In addition, the applet has already been integrated on the Eventival data management platform so its users can benefit from the applet right away.

Pioneer film festivals such as the Karlovy Vary IFF, Luxembourg FF, Tallinn IFF have already implemented this applet to their festival submission form. And over 100 festivals already benefit from this tool via Eventival.

Tomas Prasek, Founder and CEO of Eventival “The surprising planned termination of Without a Box will inevitably affect thousands of festivals and filmmakers that will be looking for alternatives. Besides offering a simple online film submission and reviewing tool used by over 100 festivals around the globe, Eventival has worked with Cinando to streamline the submission process even further by integrating the handy Cinando applet in its submission form, letting the submitters import data from Cinando within seconds. Interested? Head to