6th Annual Conference in Bucharest with Europa Cinemas

The sales companies’ members of Europa International attended the 6th Europa International annual conference from the 24th to the 26th November in Bucharest, and for the 4th time in parallel of Europa Cinemas event.

New president and board
The event started with a general assembly and the new board of Europa International has been elected, with Jean-Christophe Simon (Films Boutique) as the new President, Susan Wendt (TrustNordisk), Sasha Wieser (EastWest), Jenny Walendy (The Match Factory), Frederic Corvez (Urban Distribution Intl), Jan Naszewski (New Europe Film Sales) and Vincenzo Mosca (TVCO) as board members, and Daniela Elstner (Doc & Film Intl) as treasurer. Europa International would like to thank Susan Wendt for her dedicated and great work as President for the last 4 years and wishes all the best to Jean-Christophe Simon as the new President.

Sexual harassment
Europa International is very concerned of any kind of sexual harassment its members might be victims and condemns all acts of such sort under all circumstances. In this context, a special time has been dedicated to the subject particularly, to guarantee to the future sales agents generation the best possible working environment and a protection for any kind of impropriate behavior sexual harassment.
A discussion between the members has been held on what can be done for the future, introducing the gender issues, and looking at concrete steps such as hotline for victims in the business, training and information within the business, and creation of common guidelines.

The conference “Set The Trend”
The conference “Set The Trend” has been focused on the promotion and marketing for the films’ distribution at digital age with an exchange of views between European and American professionals. High experts attended the event to explore new business models for promotion on theatrical and digital releases and to present experimentations on marketing strategies: Rémi Burah (Arte France Cinemas), Kim Foss (Camera Film), Josephine Letang (La Toile), Mirona Nicola (Gruvi), Sarah Rashidian (Spideo) and Roderik Smits (University of York) from the EU side, and Russ Collins (Art House Convergence) and Darcy Heusel (Neon), with Brian Newman (Subgenre) as the moderator from the US side.

The showcases
The showcases were the opportunity to learn more about various supports and projects regarding the sales and distribution such as ACM Distribution (CNC support for international distribution), EclairPlay (new all-in-one download platform connecting cinema exhibitors and content owners around the world developed by Ymagis, EI official sponsor), Eye on Films (Wide label dedicated to the circulation of 1st and 2nd European films).
Europa International and Europa Cinemas introduced “Europa Showcase” in line with EI conference and themes, to help the circulation and distribution of European films in the US. It consists of a program of 10 European films available in the US for theatrical direct distribution in venues equipped by EclairPlay.
Cinando team introduced “Cinando Subtitles”, a game-changing online tool, which will boost the appeal and distribution of European films by promoting and sharing available subtitles, allowing industry players to easily store, promote, browse, find, buy and reuse existing subtitles.
“Europa Showcase” and “Cinando Subtitles” are both funded by Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

Europa International would like to thank all our partners and sponsors, and especially Europa Cinemas for their help and support to organize its gathering among other activities, Creative Europe MEDIA programme for supporting “Set The Trend”, and Cinando for organizing a wonderful networking dinner which gathered all the sales agents, Europa Cinemas board members, the speakers and the guests of the event, and other European professionals.