4th Annual Conference « Set The Trend ! » with Europa Cinemas network

Europa International is happy to announce that its 4th annual conference « Set The Trend ! » will take pace during Europa Cinemas annual conference in Prague, Czech Republic, from the 27th to the 29th of November 2015.

The annual conference is the meeting point of more than 30 European sales companies for a 3 days event with a main public conference for half day. The panels constitute a platform of exchange for professionals of the film business in order to rethink and reboot the international distribution of films in the digital age, and with a focus on European Union and United States’ views for new business models and opportunities in the new digital world.

The 1st session will be dedicated to the impact of digital platforms on distribution: Independent vs Gafa (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), Consequences for distribution and exhibition, New business models experimentations such as Direct to VoD and Day-and-Date, the difference between US and EU in terms of VoD challenges. Brian Newmann, former speaker during the previous edition, will moderate the session. High experts attendance is expecting: From US Ross Cullins (Art House Convergence), Claire Weingarten (Film Movement) and from EU Madeleine Probst (Watershed), Alexia Krief (Under The Milky Way), Jaume Ripoll (EuroVoD).

The 2nd session will focus on TV sales at digital age: Representatives of European TV organizations: Public & Private channels, Past and Future of TV channels: Changes & challenges, New horizons for VoD & TV, with Bettina Brinkmann and Ross Biggam to represent respectively public and private TV.

Besides the main conference, Europa International will co organize a common panel with Europa Cinemas on the audience creators with Susan Wendt, President of Europa International and Head of Sales at TrustNordisk, raising the questions of cinemas as curators, innovation and traditional cinemas, relationships with the platforms, etc.