Feedbacks on the 3rd EI Annual Conference in Marrakesh

The 3rd Europa International Annual Conference is entitled « New Dimension for International Distribution » and took place on 11,12 December 2014, Morocco.

20 European sales agents attended the 3rd conference of Europa International the general assembly and the one-day meeting on the 11th and 12th December, under the presidency of Susan Wendt, Head of Sales at TrustNordisk.

Europa International would like to thank Marrakech International Film Festival and Le Public System Cinema for their help and support to organize this 3rd annual conference gathering the European sales agents.

Europa International introduced its new project Set The Trend ! funded by MEDIA programme for 2015 and 2016, which is an exchange of views between the US and EU regarding the developments of international distribution in digital era and the relationships between sales agents and, in one hand the distributors, in the other hand the producers, the two sides of the sales agents’ business and work.

Ymagis, the official partner of Europa International, presented the new platform DirectAsset, a solution dedicated to sales agents to manage the servicing operations with local distributors. Ted Hope, chairman of EI conference since the beginning and CEO of Fandor, introduced the VoD subscription platform Fandor in the US, which he is running. Misa Mogorovic (CEO of Soul Food and member of EI) updated the members on his project FBO Festival Box Office, an international platform collecting data from the festival (number of attendees, averages ticket price, number of screenings, total of % of sales ticket) and funded by Eurimages.