2nd General Assembly in Rome

Under Presidency of Michael Weber, in presence of the board and members’ representatives, EI second general assembly took place in Rome on October 26, in conjonction with the Business Street, Roma International film Market.

This meeting gave to EI the opportunity to evaluate actions developed by the organization since its launch in Berlin at the beginning of the year.

EI now accounts 29 members, sales agents from 8 countries.

On the agenda, important topics have been adressed, such as the future of MEDIA programme and the importance of a significant sales agent scheme, new practices and policies in relation with digital cinema roll out, increasing importance of sales agent in the financing and circulation of European movies, legal development, and the need to collect data in relation with international distribution of films, which will be useful for the European Commission as well as the professsionals.

The idea is to create a pan-European network, brainstorming about the challenges ans opportunities for international distribution.

For the end of the year, one of the main concern will be to defend a consequent budget for European culture budget, in order to achieve our needs, of course taking into account the difficulties to adopt the next EU budget due to the European political and economic environment.

For this action, EI has reminded to its members the importance of the mobilization at each national level.

The next general assembly will take place in Berlin in February 2012.