13th General Assembly in Cannes

Europa International, the European network gathering 38 sales agents, has held its general assembly in Cannes before the opening of Cannes Film Festival, under the presidency of Susan Wendt from TrustNordisk.

In the framework of its project « Set The Trend ! » supported by Creative Europe, Europa International is proud to announce its annual conference which will be held end of November with Europa Cinemas.

The main discussion was about the digital single market and some related issues for the distribution (copyright, licences and passive sales). Europa International insists on the work with the local distributors and national theatrical releases, and wants to remind the importance of  presales and sales in the financing of films.

The European Commission needs to support, with a consequent budget, from the sales agents and the international distribution, and some experimentations for digital distribution.

For this 68th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, Europa International is proud to announce the line up of its members, with 14 films in official selection, 11 films for Un Certain Regard, 9 films for La Semaine de la Critique, and 13 films for La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs.