Created in 1999, CARTOON MOVIE is an intense and efficient pitching event intended to create a synergy between producers, investors and distributors of feature-length animation films.

March in Lyon

Producers have the opportunity to pitch their project to all potential financial partners gathered in the same room, in order to find co-producers, speed up financing and negotiate deals with distributors, sales agents and game companies.

  • 700 participants from 40 countries
  • 200 buyers including 120 distributors
  • 56 projects pitched 4 categories

4 stages of project development
A special feature of Cartoon Movie is that it is possible to present projects at their different stages:

  • projects in concept
  • projects in development
  • films in production
  • completed films

Therefore the whole industrial network can take part in the development of the film, which increases tenfold the producer’s chances for success.

30 minutes to convince the buyers
The pitching sessions are the core element of Cartoon Movie. Participants have to choose between 2 rooms where projects are pitched by the whole production and artistic team, from 10 minutes for projects in concept up to 30 minutes for films in production.
To start the day, the screening of trailers in front of all participants during the traditional breakfast «Croissant & Coffee Shows» gives a taste of the project and encourages people to attend the pitching sessions.

The human touch
Around the sessions, Cartoon Movie creates golden opportunities to network:  at the Welcome Dinner, the giant buffet lunches, or even on the dance floor during the Farewell evening. Business without stress!

A highly efficient formula
Since 1990, over 200 films pitched at Cartoon Movie, with a total budget of 1.4 billion EUR, have secured their financing and have been released.
Among them, many hits such as: Sammy’s Adventures, Niko & the Way to the Stars, Zarafa, The Pirates, Ernest & Celestine, Tad Jones, Animals United, Kirikou, Belleville Rendez-Vous, A Cat in Paris, Le Tableau, Dragon Hunters, Chico & Rita, Santa’s Apprentice, The Three Robbers…

Sales agents & International distributors
One of the strengths of Cartoon Movie is the network of distributors from Europe, South America, North America and Asia who come to pick the best projects and ensure a pan-European and international distribution of the films.

Famous directors and creative talents
Renowned directors and authors have trusted Cartoon Movie and presented their film, including: Michel Ocelot, Peter Lord, Ari Folman, Sylvain Chomet, Jean-François Laguionie, Jacques-Rémy Girerd, Patrice Leconte, Enzo d’Alò, Terry Gilliam, Jannik Hastrup, Mathias Malzieu, Enki Bilal, Tomm Moore…
However the essence of Cartoon Movie is to give the same chances to big names as to small companies with creative talents: a good project with potential will catch the eyes of the participants wherever it comes from. And Cartoon Movie counts beautiful success stories starting from scratch.

Invitation for EUROPA INTERNATIONAL members
The travel, accommodation and accreditation costs are covered.  

More info on CARTOON website:




EAVE FILM MARKETING WORKSHOP is a four-day intensive programme exploring film marketing throughout the process of development, production, festival screening, exhibition and distribution.

December in Luxembourg

Intensive Film Marketing Training for European Film Professionals

  • One to one consultancy
  • Case studies
  • Leading professional experts

Every film, big or small, cultural or mainstream, is trying to attract investors, public support, a director and cast, distributors, cinema exhibitors and eventually the cinema-going public. No matter how good a film is, without a well-conceived and cost-effective marketing plan, it has little chance of success in the very crowded and competitive marketplace.

A practical approach: The EAVE FILM MARKETING WORKSHOP emphasizes a ‘hands-on’ and practical approach using current films and modern marketing techniques in a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.
Much of the programme takes the form of a round table during which a variety of high-level professionals make presentations and lead discussion. All participants are encouraged to take a full part throughout the workshop including working on marketing plans for an unreleased feature. During the one-to-one sessions participants present their projects and receive expert feedback and advice.

This 4-day intensive workshop is an in depth training for film professionals (e.g. producers, distributors, sales agents, marketing staff) covering all the necessary stages of film marketing.
It is designed to assist participants on how to position their films with a primary focus on the most cost-effective ways to market their projects and includes the following areas:

  • maximizing the online environment
  • marketing to financiers
  • approaching buyers
  • completing presales and sales
  • mastering legal issues
  • budgeting marketing items
  • planning cost-effectively
  • using press and public relations
  • creating visual design (sales sheets, brochures, posters)
  • working with trailers and show reels editors
  • matching distributors’ needs
  • targeting international markets & festivals
  • Successful film marketing

All these aspects are analyzed through current industry examples enabling participants to apply them to their own projects.

Discount for EUROPA INTERNATIONAL members
A reduced fee of 1.100 EUR including accommodation in Luxembourg for the workshop-duration, full-board subsistence, except for one free evening (instead of 1.300 EUR as the regular participation fee)*
*Special scholarships are available for participants from the “new” EU member states or countries without proper support mechanism in place.

More info on EAVE website: