EAVE Film Marketing Workshop


EAVE FILM MARKETING WORKSHOP is a four-day intensive programme exploring film marketing throughout the process of development, production, festival screening, exhibition and distribution.

December in Luxembourg

The intensive EAVE FILM MARKETING WORKSHOP is for European Film Professionals and composed by:

  • One to one consultancy
  • Case studies
  • Leading professional experts

Every film, big or small, cultural or mainstream, is trying to attract investors, public support, a director and cast, distributors, cinema exhibitors and eventually the cinema-going public. No matter how good a film is, without a well-conceived and cost-effective marketing plan, it has little chance of success in the very crowded and competitive marketplace.

EAVE FILM MARKETING WORKSHOP emphasizes a ‘hands-on’ and practical approach using current films and modern marketing techniques in a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.
Much of the programme takes the form of a round table during which a variety of high-level professionals make presentations and lead discussion. All participants are encouraged to take a full part throughout the workshop including working on marketing plans for an unreleased feature. During the one-to-one sessions participants present their projects and receive expert feedback and advice.

This 4-day intensive workshop is an in depth training for film professionals (e.g. producers, distributors, sales agents, marketing staff) covering all the necessary stages of film marketing.

It is designed to assist participants on how to position their films with a primary focus on the most cost-effective ways to market their projects and includes the following areas:

  • maximizing the online environment
  • marketing to financiers
  • approaching buyers
  • completing presales and sales
  • mastering legal issues
  • budgeting marketing items
  • planning cost-effectively
  • using press and public relations
  • creating visual design (sales sheets, brochures, posters)
  • working with trailers and show reels editors
  • matching distributors’ needs
  • targeting international markets & festivals
  • Successful film marketing

All these aspects are analyzed through current industry examples enabling participants to apply them to their own projects.


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