Selective Distribution support

The Selective Support scheme aims to encourage distributors to invest in promoting and distributing films from other European countries by helping fund their distribution costs.

To support:

  • the wider transnational distribution of recent non-national European films by encouraging theatrical distributors to invest in the promotion of such products
  • the development of links between the production and distribution sectors

Groups of a minimum of seven distributors coordinated by the Sales Agent for the release of non-national European films.

The support covers the promotion costs for the release of the film in each territory selected.

The film concerned must:

  • be work of fiction (including animated) or documentaries, of a minimum of 60 minutes
  • have its first copyright established in 2011 at the earliest
  • not consist of  alternative content (operas, concerts, performances, etc), advertising, pornographic or racist material or advocate violence
  • films from DE, ES, FR, IT, and UK must have a production budget of maximum 10M€
  • be mainly produced by a producer(s) established in the countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme.
  • be produced with the significant participation of professionals who are nationals/residents of countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme.

2 deadlines for applications: 28/02/2014 and 02/07/2014 (noon)

Please contact us for
MEMO of the guidelines
UPDATE on the new scheme