In 2009, EURIMAGES introduced the obligation to engage a collection account manager to securely, impartially and transparently receive, administer and disburse the worldwide revenues derived from films receiving EURIMAGES support with production budgets in excess of an amount of EUR3,000,000*. Additionally, EURIMAGES also retained the right to require the appointment of a collection account manager on films with production budgets below EUR3,000,000 if such appointment was deemed to serve the interests of Eurimages and such productions’ other revenue participants.

*Changes made on 1 January 2009 to the regulations governing co-production support Article 7.5 now extends the use of collection accounts and in particular makes them compulsory for those co-productions with budgets equal to or greater than 3 million euros.

For many sales agents, the establishment of a relationship with a collection account manager was the result of either the above requirement by EURIMAGES or in many cases a financing condition of another financier, request from a producer or production partner.

Although, EUROPA INTERNATIONAL understand that working with a collection account manager is intended to equally serve and benefit the interests of all parties to a collection account management agreement. EUROPA INTERNATIONAL find it important to hear the sales agents’ experiences and feed-back in respect of working with a collection account manager so that the organization can communicate it in a chorus of voices to EURIMAGES and even to the relevant collection account management companies as part of EUROPA INTERNATIONAL’s continuous endeavours to improve sales agents’ positions in their respective business environments.

In 2012, with the help of EURIMAGES and the collection account management company FREEWAY ENTERTAINMENT, EUROPA INTERNATIONAL launched a study among its members, which demonstrates that, for a sales agent, working with CAMA is much more complicated.
EUROPA INTERNATIONAL think that there are other ways to ensure that income is guarantee fairly between the partners.

EUROPA INTERNATIONAL and EURIMAGES are now discussing the future of the sales agents’ work involving with CAMA. 

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