2nd edition 2013

New Platforms for New Opportunities

« Be the change you want to see »



EI Conf 2nd Ed (common video with Europa Cinemas Conf) from Europa International on Vimeo.

ChairmanTed Hope (Hope for Film, San Francisco Film Society)

Opening of the Europa International conference
–        Europa International Board 
(Opening and thanks)
–        Jenny Walendy
 (Presentation of Distribution 2.0, The Match Factory, DE) Distribution 2.0

–        Peter Donath (Strategic Director, Cinefil, HU) Cinefil

Panel 1: New Opportunities for New Business
Art, artists, audiences, and technology change far quicker than markets or industry.  Opportunity rests in the gap in between. New distribution and financing realities have brought seismic and permanent changes to the film industry. There are opportunities to access to creative distribution, funding and support services through new business such as Kickstarter, ArtistServices, etc. 
–   Joseph Beyer (Director of Digital Initiatives, Sundance Institute #ArtistServices, US) Sundance #Artistservices

–        Brian Newman (Founder, Sub-Genre, US)
–        Barry Rebo (Managing Partner, Emerging Pictures, US)

Panel 2: New Platforms for New Models
With changing audience viewing habits demanding a new approach when it comes to distribution, many are heralding Video On Demand as the future of film. Nothing is changing faster than Video on Demand, an ever-growing, ever-changing child with new quirks and habits forming all the time.
But is VoD really a financially realistic and sustainable business model, or does the illusion of choice mask minimal returns? As key players in the industry, the sales agents have to figure out the complications, the costs and the opportunities. 
–        Philip Bellezza 
(Head Partner Relations, Cindegim, US) Digital Releases Strategies
–        Casper Hald (Head of VoD & Senior Director, TDC Group, DA) A new approach to distribution
–        Christian Grece (Analyst European on-demand audiovisual markets, EOA, FR) Overview of VoD services in EU and Future developments 

Conclusions: Digital Distribution – Step forward to Day-and-Date?
Why would be the new digital distribution? What is the future of the VoD platforms and which new business models could be designed by those new opportunities?
–        Clare Binns (Programming & Acquisitions Director, Picture Houses, UK)
–        François Yon (Partner, Films Distribution, FR)

Common panel with Europa Cinemas: New Offers and New Concepts
How to better involve sales agents and distributors in our programming choices (flexibility, targeted offers, remastered retrospective films…)? How to adapt cinemas venues in order to integrate new offers and connections? How does our core business of screening films hold and increase its attractiveness with so many alternative options (VoD, pay-TV, DVD)?
–        Ted Hope (Hope for Film, San Francisco Film Society, EI Moderator, US)
–        Daniela Elstner (CEO, Doc & Film International, EI Board, FR) Doc & Film Int
–        Susan Wendt (Head of Sales, TrustNordisk, EI Board, DA) TrustNordisk

WORK SESSIONS (closed meeting only for EI members)
Work session 1: A2E Artist to Entrepreneur moderated by Ted Hope (San Francisco Film Society)
Work session 2: Distribution 2.0 moderated by Jenny Walendy (The Match Factory)
Work session 3: Practical and technical for digital moderated by Alexandre Weiser (Dcinex)
Work session 4: Licensing the rights moderated by Florian Hensel (SKW)