1st edition 2012

From Pipedreams to Pipebusiness

« Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible »
Frank Zappa



TRAILER from Europa International on Vimeo.

Chairman: Ted Hope (Hope for Film, San Francisco Film Society)

Panel 1: Social media marketing / Networking & outreach
When something is good and with the right fulcrum, social media can move mountains. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networks make new ideas, attitudes and behaviors. The primary focus is on the consumer, meaning the audience – on learning what audience want and need rather than trying to persuade them to watch what we happen to be producing/distributing/selling.
How to leverage the power of socially connected, engaged audiences, by focusing on the new influencers? How to use social media and its huge worldwide space for B2B opportunities to drive incredible buzz and awareness on a new film to be launched internationally?
–        Rose Kuo (Executive Director, Lincoln Film Center, US)

–        Yan Vizinberg (Chief Content Officer, Cinecliq, US/UK) CinecliqPro
–        Henry Lim (Social Media Manager, Cinémur, FR) Case study « On The Road »
–        Benoît Vidal (Information Architect, MFG Labs, FR) My Warner Empower community
–        Dan Light (Manager, Glass Eye, UK) « James Bond does it everywhere »

Panel 2: Shaping new front for sales / Platforms and VoD distribution
In Cinema and broadcast TV there is a distributor-driven “Up-front,” but on the digital playing field, original on-line video has no formal schedule, structure or financing mode, so the “NewFront” is born. How can sales agent adapt best to this type of web-content?
How to reach new audiences including the new generation of trans-media users through digital distribution? What are the advantages and benefits of the D&D Cinema/VOD releases? How to promote an author-driven cinema in a digital world? How to deal with worldwide platforms vs national platforms?
–        Eugene Hernandez (Director of Digital Strategy, Lincoln Film Center, US)
–        Ryan Werner (SVP Theatrical and Home Entertainment Marketing, IFC Films, US)
–        Ram Murali (Executive Sales, Cinetic International, US)
–        Mark Cosgrove (Head of Programme, Watershed Arts Trust, UK)
–        Marieke Jonker (Managing Director, We Want Cinema, NL) We Want Cinema

Conclusions: How to design a winning distribution strategy?
What are the inputs and outputs of the raised issues during the conference? What are the possibilities for the sales agents to be early adopters? How can European film industry be trendsetter?
How to help further the emerging digital content landscape and present the most advanced thinking around? How to partner marketers with content creators, talent and distributors?
–        Véronique Beaumont (COO Digitas and Razorfish, FR) Digitas The New Communication model
–        Richard Lorber (CEO, Kino Lorber, US)

WORK SESSIONS (closed meeting only for EI members)
Work session 1: Audience, a “friend” for social media and an “enemy” for piracy moderated by Ted Hope (San Francisco Film Society)
Work session 2: Day & Date, from experimental strategies to innovative business models moderated by Rose Kuo (Lincoln Film Center)
Work session 3: Marketing & Promotion, traditional tools vs new fronts moderated by Eugene Hernandez (Lincoln Film Center)
Work session 4: Digital single market, an appropriate European policy moderated by Florian Hensel (SKW)

DISTRIBUTION 2.0 / Working on an international marketing concept
Are sales agents in the right position to build up directors as brands beyond B2B exchange and in direct relation with the consumers? D2.0 will create concepts in a joint collaboration with the directors, producers, sales agents and distributors for three to four titles in 2012. And D2.0 will ask distributors to use these concepts and shape them by their feedback.
–        Jenny Walendy (TV Sales, The Match Factory, DE)
–        Tilman Scheel (Managing Director, Reelport, DE)
–        Peter Bognar (Managing Director, Cinefil, HU)
–        Sofia Marquez Moreno (Business Affairs, Canana, MX)